Defense: Fiscal Year 2012 “topline” Acquisition Programs

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This topic is published from the OSD Comptroller. The combined capabilities and performance of U.S. weapons systems are unmatched throughout the world, ensuring that our military forces have the advantage over any adversary. The DoD (FY) 2012 request totals $553.1 billion, of which $203.8 billion is for Procurement, and Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) programs. The funding in FY 2012 includes both Base ($188.4 billion) and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) ($15.4 billion) funding. For RDT&E appropriations: $75.7 billion (Base, $75.3 billion; OCO, $0.4 billion); for Procurement : $128.1 billion (Base, $113.1 billion; OCO, $15.0 billion). Of this amount, $85.3 billion is for programs that have been designated as Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP). To simplify the display of the various weapon systems, this book is organized by mission area categories.

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