Newsletter November 12, 2012

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The Week Ahead
Capitol Hill November 12, 2012 

Congress is back in session with both chambers returning Tuesday to a full agenda under the rapidly approaching “fiscal cliff”. A status-quo leadership remains after last weeks historic Presidential election. The outlook for compromise on a combination of tax increases and mandatory spending cuts is grim with less than a month of legislative days remaining in the calender year. A Hurricane Sandy Emergency Supplemental Appropriation bill is one of a few legislative vehicles guaranteed for passage before the holidays. Appropriators have been working on the supplemental measure which may include a sequestration bridge, delaying the “trigger” date until the 113th Congress has time to consider a permanent alternative. Several bills are under suspension of rules, including H.R. 6156 the Jackson-Vanik Repeal Act creating permanent normal trade relations with Russia.
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Committee Hearing Schedule Highlights  

Full-Committee Hearing
Tuesday, November 13th
Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Chairman Kerry, D-MA) will hold a closed hearing on the attacks against the U.S. facilities in Libya

Full-Committee Markup
Tuesday, November 13th
House Rules Committee (Chairman Dreier, R-CA) will consider rules for floor debate on pending legislation

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