Federal R&D Funding FY-13

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The Week Ahead
Capitol Hill October 8, 2012 

Federal research and development (R&D) funding could face significant reductions under the “trigger” implication of the Budget Control Act. The Administration’s fiscal year 2013 budget request for R&D programs includes $141 billion in base funding, a $2 billion increase from the fiscal year 2012 funding level of $139 billion. Federal R&D funds play a critical roll in supporting university and laboratory basic research. The request represents the President’s R&D priorities of which Congress has yet to adopt through the appropriations process. In particular, Congress will play a central role in determining the extent to which federal R&D investment can grow in the context of increased pressure on discretionary spending and how available funding will be prioritized and allocated. Under the six-month Continuing Resolution agreement, R&D programs are administered at the FY-12 enacted levels through March of 2013.
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**Congress is in recess until Tuesday November 13th**

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