Congress Approves CR averts FY-17 Shutdown

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  • Government agencies will remain operational with funding through December 9th
  • Budget experts expect an FY-17 Omnibus in the December lame duck before target adjournment
  • 3 month CR includes $1.06 trillion in discretionary, $74.096 billion in OCO, and $1 billion for Zika 
  • A $3-6 billion OCO supplemental is coming in November to fight ISIL
  • Aid for Flint, MI water crisis $170 million was moved to the Water Resources Development Act (the only rider blocking the September CR in the Senate)
  • Republicans included their own rider – a provision blocking the Securities and Exchange Commission from requiring corporations to disclose contributions
  • Several budget anomalies are included (funding not requested in Pres-Bud)
  • The CR includes a conferenced Mil-Con and Veterans Affairs bill
  • Under the current CR the Pentagon cannot fund new starts including the following –
    1. Littoral Combat Ship – Anti Surface Warfare Module
    2. A-10 Replacement Wings
    3. Lot 1 acquisition of the CH-53K
    4. Ohio-Class Submarine Replacement
    5. Production Rate increases for F-35, E-2D, KC-46A, and Standard Missile (AGM-114)
  • While not perfect, the CR is the best possible outcome for industry and government during a Presidential election year


Cochran: Senate Continuing Resolution Passage an Important Step

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today released the following statement marking Senate passage of a short-term continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government through Dec. 9, 2016: “The continuing resolution will sustain government operations and ensure stability for our national defense.  It is a short-term fix that will allow the Senate and House to complete work on the FY2017 appropriations bills later this year.  I am committed to achieving that goal. “I am pleased that this measure provides record funding for our veterans and their families.  It also provides funding to meet urgent needs around the country, including the heroin and opioid epidemic, disaster recovery for flood-ravaged communities, and the public health threat from the Zika virus.” The Senate voted 72-26 to approve the continuing resolution.  It now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.The inclusion of the FY2017 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill in CR marks the first time since 2009 that a regular appropriations measure was signed into law before the end of the fiscal year .Under Cochran’s leadership, the Senate Appropriations Committee completed work on all 12 FY2017 appropriations bills in record time this year.  The committee has worked under an accelerated schedule, setting records for the earliest bill markups in years.

Rogers: House Passes Continuing Resolution with Full Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Funding, and Resources to Address the Zika Virus, the Opioid Epidemic, and Flood Recovery

Washington, September 28, 2016 – House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers today applauded the passage of critical legislation that would continue funding for the federal government beyond the end of the fiscal year on September 30. The Continuing Resolution (CR) will provide funding at the current rate of operations for the government through December 9, 2016. It also includes the full year Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill, $1.1 billion in emergency funding to fight and prevent the spread of the Zika virus, $500 million in grants to help states recover from recent floods, and $37 million to help fight the nation’s opioid epidemic. Chairman Rogers made the following statement on the legislation: “This is a necessary bill that will keep the government open and operating, provide resources for our service members and veterans, and address critical needs across our country related to the Zika virus, the opioid epidemic, and the recent, disastrous floods. “I have said many times before, a continuing resolution is a last resort. But, it is what we must do to fulfill our congressional responsibility to keep the lights on in our government. This legislation is a good compromise, and I am pleased the House has voted today to send it to the President’s desk.”


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