Defense: FY2010 Authorization and Appropriations

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For the Department of Defense (DOD) in FY2010, the Administration requested a total of $663.8 billion in discretionary budget authority. This includes $533.8 billion for the so-called “base budget”—all DOD activities other than combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan—and $130.0 billion for what are termed “overseas contingency operations,” including those in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Administration also requested $75.9 billion in supplemental DOD appropriations for FY2009 to cover war costs. Combined with the $65.9 billion “bridge fund” for FY2009 emergency war funding included in the Supplemental Appropriations Act for FY2008 (P.L. 110-252), bringing the total appropriated for FY2009 war costs to $141.8 billion.

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