H.R. 5865 – “The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2012

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On Tuesday the House approved H.R. 5865 – “The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2012”. The bill directs the President to create a “National Manufacturing Competitiveness Strategy” through executive order on the first day of each new administration. It requires each new administration to publish a strategy to sustain the nation’s manufacturing sector through job growth, innovation, investment, and a focus on technology which supports national security. Furthermore, the legislation will direct the Secretary of Commerce to establish a Manufacturing Competitiveness Board made of governors from two states and ten individuals from the private sector. The Board shall include in the national manufacturing competitiveness strategy recommendations for achieving such goals and the recommendations may include:

  • Actions to improve manufacturing competitiveness to be taken by the President, Congress, State and local governments, and the private sector.
  • Actions to improve government policies and coordination among entities developing such policies.
  • The consolidation or elimination of government programs.
  • Actions to improve government interaction with the manufacturing sector and communication regarding the effects of proposed or active government regulations or other executive actions on the manufacturing sector and its workforce.
  • The reform or elimination of regulations that place the United States manufacturing sector at a disadvantage relative to other nations.
  • Actions to reduce business uncertainty, including, where appropriate, finalization of regulations applicable to manufacturers.
  • The bi-partisan legislation was passed in the short two week session before Congress adjourns until after the November elections.  Congress also approved H.J. Res. 117 the Continuing Resolution to fund the government until March of next year providing funding at the FY-12 enacted levels until appropriators take up the final FY-13 measure in the 113th Congress. Both bills reveal an effort to restore confidence in the Congress‘s ability to cooperate prior to the November elections.  For details of the American Manufacturing Competiveness Act visit the “read more” link.

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